ix – Architects and Interior Design Studio

ix – Architects and interior design studio based in New York City.

When I first met the ix team, they had no idea about the impact their web presence could have. Over the years, I essentially became part of the team, teaching and suggesting ways to improve the ix online experience to expand their business. Now they’ve become experts in managing their presence online using Wordpress as a CMS.

The ix team desired to have a clean and immersive web design, to let their work speak for itself.
I created a custom Wordpress theme based on the design requirements.

Weill Cornell Medical College – Judith Jaffe Multiple Sclerosis Center

While working at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) I’ve had the opportunity to design great web experiences to provide patients and staff the best and easiest way to critical information. The Jaffe MS Center is located in Manhattan at Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

While working on the Judith Jaffe Multiple Sclerosis Center, I met with scientist and doctors on gathering content and vision requirements in order to best represent the vision of the center and most importantly get the information to patients who need it most.

URL: http://weill.cornell.edu/mscenter/

Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies provides the most innovative and effective curriculum, assessment, professional development, and family connection resources to programs serving children from birth through third grade.

2008 Redesign of TeachingStrategies.com it was a pleasure to create the foundation for future evolution of the Teaching Strategies. I worked with a small team to create a redefine information architecture, transitioned their website to use Wordpress as a CMS.
I coded the front-end and Wordpress integration of the site by working directly with the lead designer and art director.

Powerplay NYC

PowerPlay NYC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and educating girls through one-of-a-kind sports and academic enrichment programs.

2010 Redesign of PowerPlayNYC.
With a small team of 3, we redesigned, upgraded the logo and brand and most importantly transitioned PowerPlayNYC from using static html pages to using Wordpress as a CMS solution.

It was a pleasure, to work with the team, and I’m glad to have PowerPlayNYC as my first nonprofit organization on my portfolio. Go PowerPlay!